We exclusively work on the production of persimmons since more than 60 years and we always pursue the best quality for our fruits, with full respect for nature and customers.

To achieve the highest quality of persimmons:

We follow the cultivation and we take care of it with love, passion and commitment throughout the year.

We respect the guidelines of the INTEGRATED DEFENSE provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and regulated by the Campania Region.
These “Guidelines” means the criteria for intervention, the agronomic solutions and strategies for the crops protection and weed control, in order to lower the impact for both man and the environment, allowing for an economically sustainable production.
For those willing to learn more here you can find the guidelines of the Campania region


Mascotte Divano CachiWe have been certified GLOBAL GAP  for our persimmon production.

We guarantee to our customers the source of our persimmons with a business system that allows full traceability of our fruits.

We perform, at the time of harvesting, multi-residual analyzes on the fruits with the help of laboratories certified Accredia and QS, to be sure that our persimmons are not contaminated by proximity of adjacent fields.
We do not use pesticides based on substances included in the “Black List” compiled by the leading trading groups of all European supermarket chains.


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